As you walk around in a golf shop, you may get overwhelmed by the items on display. However, after paying for the essential items, you still cannot resist the urge to get a few more things. Then, you start to pick them one after the other, and before you know it, you already have more than you initially planned to buy. You may even wonder, what do I mean? How about the gears and classic apparel? What of the knickknacks and the golf gadgets?

Of course, not all pro golf shops are the same, and you still have to ensure that you maintain only those things you wish to buy at that initial stage. On the other hand, that means you should learn to say No to the items that you consider less critical or that you may not even need at all. Some stores may also include specific guidelines for the potential customer. Therefore, this article shows you some of the items to avoid when you visit a golf store.

Five Items to Avoid when Buying from a Golf Shop

1. Golf Shoes

I know you may have come across a pair of golf shoes, mainly if you belong to the oldies generation. Or what is good at wearing a pair of shoes that leaves you with blisters on your foot. Whereas, you may decide to purchase the items in advance till you reach the level when they become quite indispensable. But for a start, you don’t have to buy a pair of golf shoes just yet. On the other hand, there are alternative golf sports footwear or canvas with a unique design for the game’s modern way.

2. Logo Ed-Visor

My friend, this year isn’t the 1970s anymore. So, you don’t need to fine-tune your desires as they align with the game’s pressing needs. Gone are those days when a logo ed-visor is essential. They are no more as significant. 

3. Iron drivers

As you may have learnt from one of our previous article (essential items from a golf shop), golf drivers may have one of iron, wood or a hybrid of the two. Each of these drivers has a specific purpose. For instance, the wooden club can help you make a good hit over a long distance. In contrast, the iron driver can make a more particular hit through tricky obstacles. But our advice if you are starting a career is not to start with an iron driver. 

4. Drivers

In the journey of building a game of professional pro golf, one of the items not to rush is the drivers. Drivers are essential to support club pro level who would not mind to spent a great deal on pro shop items. At times, they may even get a pro discount from these stores. But without the necessary equipment that fits your sub-pro level, then going for drivers may be too expensive for its use. Instead, you can explore other options to achieve your progress still.

5. Snacks and drinks

Funnily enough, just as many stores sell supposed healthy food, pro shops also offer her share. But you should be wary of just any kind of food and drink from the pro store. For instance, an energy bar might get your attention, but you can’t be entirely sure how safe such items are for your body. Therefore, it is advisable not to buy them from the store. This rule also applies to the use of phosphorescent sugar-water that looks like an energy drink. If at all, get your own trusted energy drink rather than buying a strange one. On the other hand, you may add up some almonds in your kit or bring along a water bottle for the day.¬† click here to find more about Golf Health.

The “Maybe” List of Offered Items in the Pro Golf Shop

While some pro golf shop items are a capital ‘NO’, others are simply a question of ‘maybe’, depending on certain factors. Some of these items are pretty important, but you can still improvise or manage whatever is available.

1. Golf Shirts and Sweaters

Buying gold shirts and sweaters from a pro golf shop is a ‘maybe’ because some materials may vary in size or materials. For instance, does the item fit nicely on a long term basis? Are you pleased with the patterns and colours, which are concerning personal preference? Or do you favour classic styles over in-vogue designs?

2. Wedges

The use of wedges is also not compulsory as you plan on taking golf. Except you think your grooves are out or you enjoy the fell on the rack, it may not be an all-important item to get from a pro shop. Again, wedges allow you to customize the use than the driver, which may increase your interest in it. But the challenge is the same wedge a pro shop offers you is pretty available in another store for a better price. learn more about the importance of hydration for Golfing at

3. Putter

The putter is also another way to excuse your need for specific golf clubs while you should watch out for your prejudice. For instance, it is good to be fit for a putter, but it is also important to test those available in a pro shop before banking your money on them. Besides, watch out for the excitement that may make the product feel perfect for purchase so that you won’t blame anyone if it eventually isn’t satisfactory.

Rain gear

Getting rain gear from the pro golf shop isn’t compulsory. Perhaps your plan to go on a golf trip didn’t factor in that the weather may change to unfavourable conditions. In such cases, you may have to re-explore your options rather than yield to buying pressure. 

A golf glove

It would be best to have a golf glove, but nothing mandates you to get it from a pro golf shop. Instead, you can think of managing what you have, well, except it now has holes or the fabric is weak. But as a general rule, buying a golf glove should depend on the quality you’re getting, the grip it has on the club and how often you use it. 

On a final note, the plot to carefully select what to buy and avoid from a pro golf shop boils down to the pricing system and not the value. Of course, a pro golf shop offers you top equipment and other items you may need. Still, others have found that not all items are compulsory at every stage of the golfing career. Pick your choice!

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